Degree In Progress:

PhD Clinical Psychology


2013 MA Counselling Psychology, OISE, University of Toronto

2010 BA (Honours) Psychology, York University

Research Interests:

Ammaar’s research interests include the systemic, cultural, and social barriers faced by gay, bisexual, and other South East Asian men who have sex with men (SEAgbm). Specifically, the proposed research will investigate SEAgbm’s experiences of sexual racism, heterosexism, homophobia, and microaggressions and their impact on body image, sexual negotiation, engagement in risky sexual behaviours, inclusiveness within cultural and sexual communities, and internalized racism and homophobia. Employing a strengths-based perspective, the proposed research project will additionally explore strategies used by SEAgbm to cope with these barriers.

Research Support:

2015 – 2016: Universities Without Walls Fellowship Award – Doctoral Award

2015 – 2016: Engage Boys’ and Men’s Health Team Grant – Doctoral Award

2011 – 2012: SSHRC Joseph-Armand-Bombardier Graduate Scholarship – Master’s Award

Research Reports:

  1. Stewart S., Beaulieu, T., Elliott, N., Mohanty, S., Kidwai, A., & Syrette, J. (2012). Aboriginal youth and homelessness: Final research report. Indigenous Health Research and Development Program, CIHR, Ottawa, ON.
  2. Stewart S., Beaulieu, T., Elliott, N., Mohanty, S., Kidwai, A., & Syrette, J. (2012). Aboriginal homelessness: Final research report on mental health and social services. Report submitted to Native Men’s Residence, Toronto, ON.

Conference Presentations:

  1. Stewart, S., Elliott, N., Kidwai, A., Mohanty, S., Beaulieu, T., Syrette, J., & Hyatt, A. (2013). Engaging Urban Indigenous Youth: Identity, Culture, and Mental Health. Paper presented at the Canadian Psychological Association, Quebec City, QC.
  2. Kidwai, A. (2013). You’re Beautiful, Now Change: The Impact of Romantic Relationships on a Woman’s Body Dissatisfaction and Eating Patterns. Paper presented at the Dean’s Graduate Student Research Conference, Toronto, ON.
  3. Stewart, S., Teekens, S., Beaulieu, T., Waites, J., Kidwai, A., Hyatt, A., & Elliott, N. (2013). Examining the Relationship Between Homelessness, Mental Health, and Harm Reduction: Narratives from Aboriginal Peoples in Urban Spaces. Paper presented at Ontario Shores’ 2nd Annual Research Day, Whitby, ON.
  4. Kidwai, A. (2012). The Impact of the Quality of Homosexual and Heterosexual Romantic Relationships on a Woman’s Body Dissatisfaction and Eating Patterns. Paper presented at the Canadian Psychological Association Convention, Halifax, NS.
  5. Stewart, S., Beaulieu, T., Syrette, J., & Kidwai, A. (2012). Aboriginal homelessness and mental health: Exploring the supports and challenges of Aboriginal peoples on the street. Paper presented at the Canadian Psychological Association Convention, Halifax, NS.