Julia graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University in May 2013, where she majored in Psychology and International Development Studies. She joined the HIV Prevention Lab as a volunteer research assistant in June 2013 and became lab manager in August 2014. She was drawn to the lab’s focus on creating and evaluating treatment protocols, its multidisciplinarity, and use of community-based research methods. Julia has helped Dr. Hart prepare 21 grant applications, including the successful CIHR Team Grant – Advancing Boys’ and Men’s Health Research and CIHR HIV Implementation Science – Component 1 grant. From January 2014 to June 2017, Julia was coordinator of the Sexual Confidence study, which evaluated a combined treatment program of cognitive-behavioural therapy for social anxiety and substance use management for MSM who want to reduce their sexual risk behaviour. She coordinates and conducts qualitative interviews for GPS, a randomized control trial of a group-based motivational interviewing sexual health promotion intervention for gay men living with HIV. She also coordinates the GPS Implementation Science project, the Modern and Open Relationship Experiences (MORE) studies, and assists with Engage. Julia plans to pursue graduate studies in clinical psychology.


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