Paolo Palma is a postdoctoral fellow working on the Engage study with Dr. Trevor Hart to examine the psychosocial determinants of GBM’s (gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men) health. Prior to joining the lab, Paolo was a researcher for the Department of Canadian Heritage, and a graduate student at the University of Western Ontario in both the Social Psychology and Migration and Ethnic Relations program.

Research Interests:

Paolo’s research interests can be divided into two broad themes. First, he is interested in how people’s beliefs influence their perceptions of others. To that end, his dissertation focused on how economic thinking influenced people’s perceptions of different types of immigrants (i.e., economic migrants, family class migrants, refugees). Second, he is interested in the experiences of people from marginalized backgrounds and how they navigate society. To that end, Paolo joined the HIV Prevention Lab to examine how sexual minority men’s experiences with discrimination influence their health and well-being. He hopes to extend this research further by looking at how the experiences of immigrant and ethnic minority GBM with people from their ethnic communities, the queer community, and Canadians more broadly influences their integration and wellbeing. For more information on his research interests and publications, please visit his website at