The Institute of Infection and Immunity (III) is aiming to convene its first Community Advisory Committee that includes people with lived and living experience to advise its Institute Advisory Board and Institute Staff on a number of topics. The individuals on this Advisory Committee will not be academic researchers, clinicians or trainees. Rather, these future members will be representative of (i.e., living with or have lived experience of) infectious diseases and conditions related to the body’s immune system. Through their own experiences and connections to their communities, they will  to provide III with valuable lived insights that will complement the scientific and medical expertise of III’s Institute Advisory Board.

The III Community Advisory Committee will represent an effort to engage and listen to the perspectives of people with lived and living experience (and their communities), to ensure these perspectives and insights are incorporated in relevant III activities and funding opportunities. Advisory Committee members will:

  1.  Bring their lived and living experiences to III to provide advice
and input from their perspectives and from their communities (the latter
as applicable); and,
  2.  Inform their respective communities about III, CIHR, and their work
with the Advisory Committee (as appropriate).

Invitations for Expressions of Interest
Information about what is needed to submit an expression of interest is found HERE.
If you are interested in this opportunity, or have any questions, please email