The Sexual Confidence Study

This aim of this study is to provide pilot data for an innovative HIV prevention intervention for HIV-negative MSM who experience social anxiety, and resultantly, resort to alcohol or substance use to reduce the anxiety. This intervention builds upon empirically supported interventions to reduce HIV risk among MSM and cognitive-behavioural therapy to reduce social anxiety. Under the supervision of Dr. Hart, the HIV Prevention Lab’s graduate students conduct assessments and provide counselling for the study participants.

Dr. Hart is the Principal Investigator on this study. This study is supported by an Operating Grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, with support from the CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network.

More information about the intervention can be found in the article at this link. We finished data collection for this study in June 2017. We are now analyzing the data and will share the results of the pilot study on our website. Identifier: NCT02045225