Sexual Confidence – RCT

This study tests the efficacy of a novel integrated HIV prevention intervention that combines the most empirically supported treatment for social anxiety disorder, cognitive-behavioural therapy, with HIV risk reduction counselling in order to simultaneously treat social anxiety disorder, substance use disorders, and HIV sexual risk behaviour. This study is a randomized controlled trial comparing the study intervention relative to applied relaxation. For this trial, 176 participants will be randomized to either 12 sessions of cognitive-behavioural therapy with HIV risk reduction counselling or 12 sessions of applied relaxation. Under the supervision of Dr. Hart, the HIV Prevention Lab’s graduate students conduct assessments and provide counselling for the study participants.

Dr. Hart is the Principal Investigator on this study. This study is supported by an Operating Grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, with support from the CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network. Identifier: NCT04381559