Gay Counselling Training Hub are hiring a GBQ2 Men’s Counselling Trainer

We are hiring a GBQ2 Men’s Counselling Trainer

The Gay Counselling Training Hub (GCTH —  provides training and supervision to individuals and organizations with gay, bisexual, queer, and 2-Spirit (GBQ2) men in Ontario. The GCTH’s mission is to promote the health and well-being of GBQ2 men in Ontario and beyond by training health and service providers across Ontario in supportive and effective counselling for GBQ2 men’s communities.  The GCTH is supported through the Ontario HIV Treatment Network Chair Award in Gay and Bisexual Men’s Health to Ryerson University’s Dr Trevor Hart.

Our training at the GCTH is informed by our lived experiences as GBQ2 men, our community based research experience, and our experience providing training and supervision to AIDS service and GBQ2 men’s health organizations across Canada.

The GCTH provides quality counselling training and supervision to strengthen support in the GBQ2 men’s community.

The GCTH trains individuals and organizations engaged in counselling of GBQ2 men in the use of evidence based counselling styles for behaviour change and promotion of health and well-being.

The GCTH is seeking a new member for our training team:

A Social Worker / Psychotherapist / Counsellor to help us provide counselling training, practice and supervision to GBQ2 men and organizations in Ontario serving GBQ2 men clients.  The GBQ2 Men’s Counselling Trainer would work with fellow GBQ2 Men’s Counselling Trainers, including Dr. Hart, to help build counselling services capacity in Ontario to support GBQ2 men’s health and well-being.  

Skills and qualifications:

  • Experience as a Social Worker, Psychotherapist, or Counsellor
  • Experience working with the GBQ2 community
  • Experience working with BIPOC communities 
  • Experience in delivering training and supervision
  • Experienced with motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioural therapy, trauma informed therapy and other counselling modalities
  • Experienced with zoom video technology
  • Ability to work privately from home

Experience in training the future counselling trainers and supervising trainers, and supervising counsellors in general, are not mandatory but would be assets for the position.

Part-time: Hours per week vary depending on training cycle and the team member’s availability, but would be up to 10 hours per week.

For more information or to submit your CV and cover letter, contact us at

Deadline Friday July 2, 2021.