Gay, Bi, Queer Men’s Sexual Pain Study

Pain when bottoming (i.e., receptive anal intercourse; when your partner inserts their penis or an object into your anus) is common, with approximately 12.5% to 18% of gay, bi, and queer men complaining of this difficulty. Unfortunately, little is known about the symptoms and causes of pain when bottoming as well as the impact this difficulty has on the lives of gay, bi, and queer men. Gaining a better understanding of the experiences of gay, bi, and queer men with pain when bottoming is important for the development of effective medical and psychosocial treatments for this population.

Data collection for this study ended in September 2017. Information about the study findings will be provided in the future – stay tuned!

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Natalie Stratton, M.A., is the Principal Investigator on this study.

This research study has been reviewed and approved by the Ryerson University Research Ethics Board.