Today, the HOPE Centre Community Symposium was hosted at the OHTN for an invigorating discussion and day-long consultation with community members and organizations.

Building on the momentum gained from the Launch event, the HOPE Centre Community Symposium brought together community members, organizations, and researchers from the Centre in a collaborative setting. The symposium’s themes was determined by the community members prior to the event, focusing on accessing healthcare services for marginalized LGBTQ2S+ individuals, including those living with and/or affected by HIV, targeted outreach strategies, rendering services appropriate for marginalized groups, collaborative research projects, capacity-building for community organizations and members, and feedback strategies for services and researchers. These targeted discussions aimed to develop research projects that enhance programs and improve access to health and community care for marginalized individuals, such as those who live with or are affected by HIV, who are LGBTQ2S+ as well as Black, trans, racialized, Indigenous, and/or live with disabilities.

A big thanks to all our lab’s wonderful volunteers for your help at this event!